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How can I prepare my baby for the portrait session?

It is best to change, feed and dress your newborn in their first outfit shortly before your photographer arrives.

How many baby outfits am I allowed? 

We permit up to two outfits during the session, or do one outfit and some without any clothing on your newborn. Please see our Outfit Tips section for more information. 

Can we bring items from home for our session?
Yes, we encourage you to bring any special or personalized blankets, hats, booties, outfits or stuffed animals to be photographed with your little one. Please see our Outfit Tips section for more information.
Where will my session take place?

We'll come to you! The Photographer will come directly to your hospital room for the Portrait Session and return to show you the images for you to make your selections.

Are we allowed to be in some of the pictures?

Absolutely! We encourage parents & siblings to be part of the session and get some sweet pictures with the new arrival.

How long will my session take?
The actual photography usually takes 15-20 minutes. From the time your photographer arrives to the end of the portrait selection process, we estimate about 1 1/2 hours. We understand that sometimes interruptions are necessary in the hospital setting. 
What are the costs involved?

There is no cost for us to take the pictures. You only pay for what you order from the images.  There are a wide range of packages and  à la carte items available to meet your needs. The average client spends about $150. Visit our Investment Page for more information.

When will I receive my purchase?

If you are at the Germantown Methodist Hospital, you will receive your prints the same day. Clients at the other hospitals can have their prints shipped to them, usually within 5-10 business days or can opt to pick them up at our studio location (at the corner or Houston Levee & Hwy 64). 

What if my baby is in the NICU?

We can still take your little one's pictures, but you will need to consult your baby's nurse to find out when would be best (they generally want us to wait until discharge day).  For those that are unable to have a session done at the hospital, we will gladly present you with a coupon for a complimentary session at our portrait studio. If you come in within two weeks of your baby's hospital discharge, you will receive the hospital package pricing for your session. In the mean time, your little one is in our prayers!

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