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We will visit your room

to schedule what time would be best for your little one's first moments portrait session.*


At the scheduled time, your photographer will come to your room to photograph your little one (typically takes 15-20 minutes).


After stepping out for a brief period to edit, your photographer will return to show you your baby's first moments portraits.


We have several products available for purchase both print & digital.  Whatever you select, we can process most items at the hospital and deliver to your room same day!*


Once you and little one are settled in your hospital room, one of our staff members will visit you to help schedule when would be best for little one's portraits.*  Don't stress about doctor visits, nurse checks or little one's feeding schedule- we are used to working around baby's care and needs in the hospital setting :) 

If you want relationship shots with dad, grandparents or siblings with baby, make sure to pick a time they will be able to be there.

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Your little one's first moments portrait session will happen right in your hospital room.  

A few tips for a smooth session:

  • If you plan to have baby in an outfit, dress them at least 10 mins beforehand. Little ones are not fans of changing, this gives them time to calm down before the session starts. See Outfit Tips for extra help.

  • Feed Baby, if possible, before session.  Little ones are much happier and take better pictures if they have full bellies (if baby becomes hungry during session we can always take a feeding break).

  • Sit back, relax and have fun! Your photographer will work with you and your little one to capture a sweet series of poses to introduce this little cutie to the world :)

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Break out the popcorn (or the tissues) it's time to see those pictures! Your photographer will return to your room later in the day with a portable viewing station to show you the edited portraits of your little one.


After reviewing each portrait so that you can determine your favorites, your photographer will go over the different options we have available should you choose to purchase.


Many options are available in package form or à la carte.  We have print and high resolution digital products available, most of which we can process on-site and deliver same-day right to your hospital room!*

Need a little more time to decide what you want?  No worries :) Your portraits are available for purchase for 2 weeks from our portrait studio location.

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Outfits & Birthday Suits

- a few tips-

Navigating the world of newborn clothes, fabrics and sizes can be complicated, so we have created a short guide when selecting an outfit for your little one!


Little ones come in all shapes and sizes and so do clothes. Sizes can vary by brand and many handmade knit items are not accurately labeled by sellers.

  • 0-3 Months is too big for most newborns. Many brands have an actual "Newborn" or "Preemie" size that is a better fit and will look better in pictures.

  • Handmade, knit items are often mislabeled when it comes to size.  Many of the items sold as "Newborn" are actually 0-3 month measurements and meant to fit a larger baby.


Baby's skin is brand new and super sensitive, so make sure you select something that they will be comfortable in and has been washed before dressing them in it for pictures. What feels a little rough to you can feel like sandpaper to them!



Keep baby's complexion in mind when picking a color. The paler they are, the more they will pick up the color cast of the outfit or blanket, which will reflect back onto their skin. 

Hats & Headbands

When selecting headgear, fabric is just as important as size.  If it has glitter or other decorative elements that are "scratchy", make sure they will not make contact with baby's skin.  We recommend cotton or nylon, as these will not pull at baby's sensitive scalp and tend to be less irritating to the skin than many wool hats (especially if they haven't been washed).

Birthday Suit Pictures 

If you want a few pics of little one in the all together, we recommend making sure the room is well heated so little one won't get too cold.  We normally do these shots at the end of the session.

Blankets and Accessories

Have a special blanket or prop you want us to use?  No problem, we love to personalize these sessions for you.  Pay attention to fabric (scratchy wool should be avoided) and avoid busy patterns as they tend to take the focus away from baby.  For props keep in mind baby's size and try to avoid objects with sharp edges.  Small stuffed animals, flowers or sports paraphernalia are popular choices.

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Rest assured that your trained and hospital vetted photographer has worked with many newborns. They are familiar with and comfortable in a hospital setting, realizing the need for flexibility and working around your little one's needs. We do not operate on a commission basis, allowing for a pleasant, non-pressure experience for all of our clients. 

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*In-person rounding and same day printing available for Germantown Methodist only.  For other hospital locations, you will be provided with a card with information about how to contact us for booking a session. Purchased portraits are printed and available for pickup at the studio location or can be shipped for an additional fee.

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