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How to Prepare


 A few other tips that will make your portrait selection easier – have all decision makers present so you can easily select the package that best meets your needs, and determine beforehand what size portraits you might need (i.e. an 8x10 for Grandma, a 20x24 canvas for yourself, a 5x7 for Dad’s desk, etc.)

You can prepare for your session by having all family members present who want to be in the pictures. Consideration of clothing is also very important, as simple onesies, outfits or gowns often photograph better than something very loud, busy or too easily bunched-up on someone so tiny. 

Please bring a solid color shirt for you and anyone else who might want to be in the portraits, as you will be much more pleased with the end result of a black, white or solid pastel colored shirt than a patterned or lettered shirt. (Nothing feels better than your favorite, well-worn t-shirt after labor and delivery, but trust us – you’ll be glad you threw a simple, nice, solid-colored shirt in your hospital bag once you see the difference it’ll make in your portraits.) 

We also highly recommend bringing any special props along, such as teddy bears, booties, hats, bowties or blankets. If it's special to you now, imagine seeing it in your baby's portraits years from now.

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